Bootcamp Fitness in Acton

Why choose bootcamp workouts?

Bootcamp is a high-energy and high-intensity workout that will have you sweating and feeling engagement in muscles that you have not felt in a long time. By combining cardio workouts with weight training for a specified duration between sets, we implement a genre of exercise called circuit training. This kind of workout is designed to get your blood pumping hard through cardio movement, and just as your body begins to relax into the cardio, heavy weight is introduced and your body is forced to compensate again.

This class is offered on Mondays and Fridays at 5:30 in the morning, and because it is only offered twice a week here at Acton Fitness, we generally break up the workouts between upper body and lower body. The first unspoken rule of developing a fitness lifestyle is never miss a Monday meaning Monday is the start of your workout week, so don’t cheat it.

When you are finished here, you will not question whether or not your workout was intense enough – leave that to us.

Do not hesitate to call Acton Fitness for more information at (661) 269-0079