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  • Best gym around.

    Best gym around.

  • Fantastic owners! Great atmosphere!

    I first looked into Acton Fitness while I was 6 months pregnant with my first child four years ago. I was welcomed with kindness and a genuine excitement for my potential membership. They allowed me to get a feel for the gym by trying out what they had to offer before I joined and I absolutely loved all of it! I highly recommend this gym! they take the time to get to know you and it's amazing. You don't want to miss out!!

    Acton, CA

  • The owners are really knowledgeable in all areas of fitness and nutrition.

    I have only been a member for 6 weeks, but already feel like part of their “family” over there. The owners are really knowledgeable in all areas of fitness and nutrition. The instructors know you by first name basis and help you achieve the most out of a class/work out, regardless of your fitness level or limits. Group classes are so good; it’s hard for me to decide which ones I want to take. I’d do three in a row if my body would physically let me. Go check them out, you will be pleasantly surprised to run into familiar faces, old friends or make new ones too.

  • fantastic trainer who legitimately cares

    I work with Donny every chance i get and he is hands down one of the most solid people i know, fantastic trainer who legitimately cares, i often refer to him as “the walking trainer encyclopedia”, I’m applying my knowledge while also learning in his ways, hopefully one day i can out smart the master, stop by and check us out Act Fit people.

  • He motivates me to get to the gym because I know he is there waiting for me.

    I have been working out with Donny for the past 12 years, usually 3 times a week. I have learned so much from him throughout the years. For instance, there is no such thing as spot training and you want to lose fat not just weight. He has taught me enough to where I can workout on my own, but there are two reasons I still go to the gym to see him. First, he motivates me to get to the gym because I know he is there waiting for me. Second, we are both Christians and I know I have grown so much these past years sharing our faith. I will truly miss that most about our workouts. He is very honest and caring, he pays attention to everyone in the gym, even if they are not his clients. You can never go wrong with him as your trainer. I wish him and his family much success in Acton.

  • It's a family gym.

    It's a family gym , everybody knows who are and care about you !

  • Would recommend to anyone!! It's excellent!

    Love Working out here. Been going here for close to 4 years now and love everything about it. Best place to go if you leave nearby or need a great gym. Would recommend to anyone!! It's excellent!

  • Everyone is so friendly!!

    Love this gym! Everyone is so friendly!! Highly recommended

  • Great place to train!

    Great Jiu-jitsu program! Donny, the gym owner, is personable and an awesome person. Great place to train!

  • Love the members, love working there!

    Love the members, love working there! Wednesdays 8:30am stretch/core stretch Fridays 9:30am yoga stretch

  • Lost 15 pounds! in just over a month.

    Love the black light Spin... But then again Jo is my wife, but I love the pace and level she works at, I've done other classes and I just don't feel like I've REALLY been pushed... she's been on at me to start her class for ages and I love it... Lost 15 pounds! in just over a month and I'm feeling very good.... Love the cardio..... Let's sweat! Go for it Babe Xxxxx

  • LOVE the ZUMBA !!!

    Friendly, knowledgeable , helpful personnel .... LOVE the ZUMBA !!!

  • they are WONDERFUL!!!!!

    My recommendation is to take Sarah's Ballet Booty on Thurs 8:30 - it is not a ballet class but rather a ballet conditioning workout - you will know you have done something good for you! right after is Xenia's yoga which is sooo soothing for the body you have pushed - they are WONDERFUL!!!!!